Galaxy Note 8 launch date rumored to be August 23

Samsung has a history of unveiling its new Galaxy Note flagship at the IFA convention in Berlin every year. It has been reported multiple times over the past few months that this year’s Galaxy Note flagship may not be unveiled at IFA 2017.

Rumor has it that Samsung is going to conduct a separate event for the Galaxy Note 8 in New York City this August. The company hasn’t confirmed that at this point in time but the rumor mill appears to be convinced that this is going to be the case.

South Korean news outlet The Bell reports today that Samsung has selected August 23 as the Galaxy Note 8 launch date. Another Korean English-language daily hears from an unnamed Samsung executive that the Galaxy Note 8 will be unveiled in New York next month. The executive declined to confirm the August 23 date, though.

It merits mentioning here that we see these kinds of rumors and reports every year. It’s always the same prediction about an early launch be it a new Galaxy S device or Galaxy Note. Whether or not it’s actually going to happen this year remains to be seen.

Samsung is likely going to confirm the details about the Galaxy Note 8 launch date towards the end of next month.

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