Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual camera sensor can also measure depth

Samsung recently showcased four new sub-brands of ISOCELL camera sensors: ISOCELL Bright, ISOCELL Dual, ISOCELL Fast, and ISOCELL Slim. It is being speculated that the company will bring a dual-camera camera setup in the Galaxy Note 8. The company showcased a few features of the ISOCELL Dual camera sensor at MWC 2017 Shanghai. Now, a few new additional features have emerged from Samsung’s official documents.

A document that’s meant for showcasing Samsung’s upcoming technologies and plans to investors and shareholders mentions depth sensing, zooming, and enhanced low-light images. ISOCELL Dual sensors are said to be capable of these features, and we might see some of these features being used in the Galaxy Note 8. Depth sensing offers images with background defocus (also known as bokeh effect). The phablet was earlier rumored to feature dual-13MP+12MP camera sensors with 3x zoom capabilities.

Samsung has been using both Sony and ISOCELL camera sensors in its high-end smartphones, but it remains to be seen if the South Korean smartphone giant will switch to exclusively using ISOCELL Dual sensors in the Galaxy Note 8. The smartphone is expected to be announced sometime in August and made available in September, earlier than the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 8.

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