Samsung introduces new ISOCELL lineup of camera sensors, includes dual-cameras

Samsung has introduced its new lineup of ISOCELL camera sensors at the ongoing MWC 2017 expo in Shanghai. The company had been making ISOCELL sensors since 2013, but it has now divided its lineup in four sub-brands: ISOCELL Bright, ISOCELL Dual, ISOCELL Fast, and ISOCELL Slim. ISOCELL sensors have greater separation between individual pixels to reduce color crosstalk for improved color fidelity and good image quality even with smaller pixels.

ISOCELL Bright camera sensors, as the name suggests, offer brighter images with lower noise. ISOCELL Fast sensors provide faster than usual autofocus on still as well as moving objects. ISOCELL Slim sensors with an individual pixel size of 0.9µm or 1.0µm are meant for ultra-slim smartphones. For the first time, Samsung showcased ISOCELL camera sensors meant to be used in dual-camera setups.

The company seems to be going down the RGB+Monochrome route with dual-cameras for smartphones. Samsung’s slideshow showcases a dual-13MP setup with autofocus, f/2.0 lens, and 1.12µm pixel size. The company claims that it will offer superior image quality in low light conditions with better brightness and signal-to-noise ratio. It is possible that the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will use this dual-13MP camera setup with some sort of zoom capabilities.

Samsung ISOCELL is a brand that represents the essence of our leading pixel technologies. We expect the ISOCELL brand to help consumers easily acknowledge and confide in camera performance as well as overall quality of the device. With our advanced image sensor technologies, Samsung will continue to bring innovation to cameras used in smartphones and other applications,” said Ben Hur, Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.

ISOCELL Dual Camera Sensors

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