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After releasing its artistic Frame TV in Norway and Switzerland, Samsung has released it today in South Korea and the US. ‘The Frame’, a TV that won an innovation award at CES 2017 in Las Vegas earlier this year, will be available in South Korea for KRW 3,400,000 (approx. $3,033) for the 55-inch variant and KRW 5,150,000 (approx. $4,594) for the 65-inch variant. The company had announced the TV’s global launch two weeks ago.

Apart from 4K and HDR technologies, The Frame is known for its artistic design. It looks like an art piece that’s hung on the wall or set up on a painting stand. Its bezel and frame can be interchanged to match the styling of a room. Customers also get access to over 100 paintings from 37 world-renowned artists. Users can purchase additional artwork through the company’s Art Store. They can also display their own photos on the TV.

The Frame TV comes with built-in light and motion sensors, so it can turn itself off automatically to save power when there’s no one in the room. It can effortlessly blend into the background, thanks to customizable bezels (available in various colors and materials) and the company’s clear-colored ‘Invisible Connection Cable’. The TV was first unveiled at CES 2017 along with the company’s QLED TVs.


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