Samsung releases The Frame TV globally

Samsung today announced that it’s releasing The Frame TV globally. The roll out starts in Switzerland and Norway this week and will be expanded to other markets next week, including the United States, South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Germany and France.

To highlight the design of this television, and it’s all about design with this product, Samsung is going to hold a launch event at a museum or gallery in each country to properly showcase The Frame TV’s design and features.

Samsung’s The Frame TV lineup includes 55-inch and 65-inch models that offer an Art Mode feature. This feature enables the TV’s display to show exclusive works of art like paintings. Users can also display their personal photo libraries in Art Mode.

The TV itself offers UHD picture quality and doubles as a customizable work of art when it’s powered off. Users can choose from various frame options that go well with the ambiance and décor of any room. Frame options include Walnut, Oak and White.

It has a brightness sensor that adjusts to ambient lighting and blends the TV into the interior. The motion sensor detects movement and enables the power-saving mode when no one is in the room, it turns it back on when someone enters. Samsung’s No Gap Wall-mount and Invisible Connection enables the TV to be mounted on a wall like a picture frame or painting.

Pricing and availability will vary by market.



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