Samsung’s artistic Frame TV will be available this spring

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Apart from its new QLED TVs, Samsung also showed off its concept TV called The Frame at CES 2017. It’s can effortlessly blend into the background and display artwork (in its Art Mode is turned on) when it’s not in use, appearing like a painting. The company has now announced that it actually has plans to launch The Frame in the US.

Samsung has announced that The Frame will be available for purchase in the US this spring. The Frame comes with more than 100 art pieces from 10 categories, including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, drawing and more. The TV also comes with a bunch of customizable accessories, including interchangeable bezels and an option Studio Stand.

However, the company is still mum about its features and price tag. We still don’t know whether this Yves Béhar-designed TV features Samsung’s QLED technology, 4K resolution, or smart TV elements. It does feature the company’s clear-colored “Invisible Connection cable”, which makes the TV setup clean to look at.

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