Galaxy Note 7R listings start to surface in China

Samsung is yet to confirm when it’s going to release the refurbished Galaxy Note 7. It announced a few weeks back that refurbished units of the ill-fated flagship will be released in select markets soon. The markets may include South Korea and China. Listings for the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 have already started popping up on online merchants in China.

It was reported yesterday that the Galaxy Note 7R could be launched in South Korea as early as this month. Samsung is going to apply for a safety certification soon from the certifying authority in South Korea before it releases the handset in its home country. Reports suggest that it will be priced 50 percent less than what the Galaxy Note 7 cost.

The listings that have appeared online for the Galaxy Note 7R in China mention a price between 3,599 – 3,999 CNY or $521 – $572. This may not be the exact official price that Samsung charges for this handset but it’s likely to be priced in a similar range.

Some of the images of the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 that have appeared online recently show that these units will have the letter “R” printed prominently on the back. This will signify that the unit is a refurbished variant and will thus prevent scammers from selling an original, recalled version of the Galaxy Note 7 as a refurbished unit.



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Galaxy Note 7R, expensive at this price.