First Tizen 3.0 firmware is now available online

Samsung announced the Z4, the fourth commercial Tizen smartphone, earlier today. The Z4 is humble on specs, and perhaps its only notable feature is that it runs Tizen 3.0 out of the box. Samsung has been making quite a few promises with Tizen but has been rather slow at releasing newer versions of the OS, so it’s great to see that Tizen 3.0 will finally be making its way to consumers. The company hasn’t yet said when the Z4 will go on sale, but it looks it won’t take long as the first firmware for the device is now available online.

The firmware is based on Tizen 3.0 and clocks in at 600 MB, with build number Z400FDDU0AQD7. It’s for the Indian market, where the Z4 will launch first followed by other Asian markets like Bangladesh. The firmware is available for download from our firmware section, and we’re working on extracting the new wallpapers that come preloaded on the device. In the meantime, see how the Samsung Z4 compares to its predecessors in terms of hardware specifications.

Firmware Details:

Model SM-Z400F
Model name
Country India
Version Tizen
Changelist 0
Build date N/A
Security Patch Level N/A
Product code INS

Firmware news 3
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13 days 9 hours ago

The best method for marketing Tizen is to make Tizen firmware available for all Samsung’s phones.

13 days 4 hours ago

Yes with Dual Boot Android & Tizen!

12 days 15 hours ago

That would be a pretty large system partition. But sounds interesting indeed.