Samsung’s 360-degree cameras will be Google Street View-ready this year

Uploading 360-degree imagery to Google’s Street View can be a bit of pain, but the Internet search giant thinks that it can help contributors in this regard. The company has announced that it is working with hardware partners on “Street View ready” standards. Google has created four categories for 360-degree cameras, depending on how easy it is to upload 360-degree images from those cameras to Street View.

Samsung has been listed among Google’s 18 hardware partners that will bring Street View ready cameras in the future. Samsung’s 360-degree cameras (probably the older and the newer Gear 360 cameras) have been certified as Street View Workflow Ready. This certification means that these cameras come with publishing tools that can upload 360-degree images directly to Street View using Google’s Android or iOS Street View app.

If you’re an avid traveler or a professional photographer enrolled in Google’s Street View trusted photographer program, Street View ready will give you tools that you need to recreate a place in Google Maps.

Google StreetView Ready Cameras

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