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Welcome back to Themes Thursday! Samsung has released a whopping 252 new themes in its Theme Store for compatible Galaxy smartphones, and we went through each one of them so that you don’t have to spend your valuable time. We’ve shortlisted 11 new theme packs that you might like to install on your smartphone.

All the themes designed by ZEMSTONE which are listed here look great, thanks to brilliant iconography and AOD mode clock designs. The Gless UI theme pack by Lucas Kendi looks great too. The [Anup] Gradient UI, [WHL] Morning Sunshine Pro, Outline Grace, and Stay Cool Neon themes might appeal to a lot of readers as well.

Which new theme did you like this week?

[Anup] Gradient UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Anup] Gradient UI

[WHL] Morning Sunshine Pro
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [WHL] Morning Sunshine Pro

[ZEM] Deer In The Night
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [ZEM] Deer In The Night

[ZEM] Flower Story
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [ZEM] Flower Story

[ZEM] Nightscape
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [ZEM] Nightscape

[Kendi] Gless UI
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [Kendi] Gless UI

[ZEM] Space
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [ZEM] Space 2

[ZEM] Spring Field
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [ZEM] Spring Field

[ZEM] Vivid Sky
Samsung Galaxy Theme - [ZEM] Vivid Sky

Outline Grace
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Outline Grace

Stay Cool Neon
Samsung Galaxy Theme - Stay Cool Neon

Themes 2
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10 months 9 hours ago

Guys, any proven way that I could get Themes on my SM-G900H S5 running 6.0.1?

10 months 10 hours ago

How hard is to use interpunction?