Tizen 3.0 could debut on the Samsung Z400F instead of the Z250F

We reported last month that the SM-Z250F would be the first smartphone running Tizen 3.0, but it appears that there a change of┬áplans. As per the latest information that we’ve received, the SM-Z400F would be the first phone running the newer version of Tizen.

Samsung is reportedly developing the SM-Z400F in India, and the device expected to have better specifications than previous Tizen smartphones from Samsung. We’re not sure whether Samsung has just changed the model number of if it’s a new device altogether.

The company might bring some form of artificial intelligence to Tizen 3.0 smartphones for better voice command results. The development of Tizen 3.0 is taking longer than expected, and South Korea’s FTC is investigating whether Google thwarted Tizen’s development.


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