Google may have thwarted Tizen development, investigation underway

South Korea’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating the possibility that Google might have thwarted Samsung’s development of its Tizen platform. The latest investigation is focusing on the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement that Google and Samsung signed in 2011. This agreement binds Samsung to make sure that all of its Android smartphones use Google as their default search engine and that the company’s apps like Google Play, Gmail, and YouTube are pre-installed on all of its Android handsets.

Google and Samsung also signed an anti-fragmentation agreement which bars Samsung from developing its own operating system based on Android despite the fact that companies like Amazon and Xiaomi have both built their own platforms on top of the Android Open Source Project. Concerns have been raised over this in South Korea and the country’s FTC believes that these agreements might have compelled Samsung to adopt a more reserved approach to the development of the Tizen platform as it’s incompatible with Android apps. An FTC official confirmed to The Korea Times that “We are currently checking if Google thwarted competition in the OS market.”

A spokesman for Google Korea said that “Android is an open source platform. Our partner agreements are entirely voluntary — anyone can use Android without Google,” further elaborating that “The Android OS can be downloaded for free. It can be modified and used to build a phone. Many companies have used Android’s source code as the starting point for their own operating systems.”


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3 months 10 days ago

That’s good, yeah, it doesn’t make sense that Amazon is allowed to create an operating system based on android and use all that android offers but Samsung can’t… why? because they would sell more if they did. Google either needs to let people have free rein on android or rein them in tight for a much less fragmented and better performing OS

3 months 10 days ago

This is somewhat BS. If Google would have sabotaged Tizen’s development it would be one thing, but if Samsung decided to sign some agreement to trade Tizen for a sweeter deal with Google, then it is also Samsung’s fault.
If something’s / someone’s integrity is up for sale, there will always be someone who will be willing to pay …

Eske Rahn
3 months 11 days ago

Google is new Microsoft, cartel.

3 months 11 days ago

I’ve never understood why Samsung hasn’t really put more effort to promote and push Tizen on its smartphones by releasing a high end or at least a good mid range phone (in low quantities mainly as a promotion not to make big profits) not the crappy Z series. This could be the answer why.
Despite the recent setbacks Samsung is android and Google knows that. Now, Google has had a relatively good succes and sales with the pixel phones. Pixel 2 will def come with a better design, camera and water/ dust resistant. That could really make things more difficult for Samsung and others. The better Google keeps selling its phones year over year the more it’s going to complicate things for other manufacturers. My bet, it will even come out with sth to get rid of as many as possible starting with the underdogs (not Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc from the time being).