[Update: Warranty details] Some Galaxy S7 edge owners are experiencing an irritating display issue

Some Galaxy S7 edge owners are reporting that an irremovable vertical pink line has appeared on their device’s display, reveals technology blog Myce. The issue, which dates back to as early as March 2016, has been reported a number of times on various forums and social channels, including reddit. Unfortunately, it’s unknown why exactly the line surfaces, but users who have experienced it claim that it’s completely random and is not a result of physical damage.

Samsung isn’t recognizing this as a widespread issue, though. Instead, a community moderator on its forums is advising users to send handsets suffering from the problem in for repair, but noted that the technicians will decide if they’re covered by the warranty — so it ultimately comes down to whether they think it’s the fault of the owner or a defect. If your Galaxy S7 edge is showing a pink line on the screen, Myce recommends the following as a possible short-term fix:

Go to the dial pad on your Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and enter *#0*# . Then click on Red, Green and Blue. This should reset the individual pixels of each color. If it doesn’t work the first time it might be worth to repeat it several times.

Update: Samsung Benelux is reportedly replacing screens experiencing the pink line free of charge under warranty.


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