[Update: Warranty details] Some Galaxy S7 edge owners are experiencing an irritating display issue

Some Galaxy S7 edge owners are reporting that an irremovable vertical pink line has appeared on their device’s display, reveals technology blog Myce. The issue, which dates back to as early as March 2016, has been reported a number of times on various forums and social channels, including reddit. Unfortunately, it’s unknown why exactly the line surfaces, but users who have experienced it claim that it’s completely random and is not a result of physical damage.

Samsung isn’t recognizing this as a widespread issue, though. Instead, a community moderator on its forums is advising users to send handsets suffering from the problem in for repair, but noted that the technicians will decide if they’re covered by the warranty — so it ultimately comes down to whether they think it’s the fault of the owner or a defect. If your Galaxy S7 edge is showing a pink line on the screen, Myce recommends the following as a possible short-term fix:

Go to the dial pad on your Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and enter *#0*# . Then click on Red, Green and Blue. This should reset the individual pixels of each color. If it doesn’t work the first time it might be worth to repeat it several times.

Update: Samsung Benelux is reportedly replacing screens experiencing the pink line free of charge under warranty.




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I would like to report a finding on the pink line problem. I believe it’s a camera related issues if you swipe your hand on the top of the screen under the front camera the line appears and dissappers( you must do this on the lock screen or the music player while it’s on the lockscreen mode)


Pink line appeared on mine. Samsung replaced under warranty. 2 weeks later same thing again. They replaced it again under warranty and it’s been fine since


hai frnd,
I hve also this problem for 5 days the pink line sometime coming. 2 days before my phone unfortunately drop and glass broken. Now the pink line was permanently visible. I am really hurt… im going shop for warranty but is not accept . Shop keeper tells physical damage not under warranty nu..
But I’m explain . He is not accpet.
I’m trying this code also .but nothing happen
What can i do…

Tell me any other solut

Shahul Shaan

hai frnd,
My also mobile also same problem more than 6 month..the pink line sometime coming. 2 weeks before my phone unfortunately drop and glass broken. Now the pinl line was permanently visible. I am really hurt… im going shop for warranty but is not accept . Shop keeper tells physical damage not under warranty nu..
But I’m explain . He is not accpet.
I’m trying this code also ..not use

Tell me any other solution..pls


you dropped your phone? unfortunately that is not covered by warranty. You need insurance to cover that. If you had gone before to Samsung about the Pink line then it would have been covered by warranty because it is a fault by Samsung. But because you dropped and cracked the screen, there’s nothing to do but pay for the repair or buy a new one. Sorry there’s not much that can be done about it.


My friend’s S7 Edge had the same problem even though he never dropped it. He contacted the Samsung India customer service and they replaced the phone’s screen free of cost under warranty.


Whew! I thought I was the only one having this problem. But my line come and go when it wants…

Mike Williamson

When are they gonna do something about the rear screens breaking


Hi All,

I have a on my S7 Edge with Nouga android version and I try to use *#0*# but unfortunately It does not work someone can help me can give me the right code ?
Thank you.


It’s a hardware issue. Even if you use that it might help you for a short term only.

Go and get it replaced from the place you bought it, or from a Samsung center if you have that in your country.

That’s the only way you’ll get a permanent fix

Jason Joao

I had this issue on my old S4 note long after I had bought off the shelf less than a month prior (this was when they launched the S4 BTW so it had just hit the market). I dropped it on a tarp in the garage- 15cm drop. No physical damage. But pink line was there. They sorted it out and gave me no hassles at all even though K was upfront with what happened. They include these disclaimers because there is ALWAYS someone looking to take advantage. With the Note 7 outcome and S8 looming, Samsung is again a… Read more »


Poor connection between LCD and main board. Usually caused by delamination of ribbon from screen or poor connection of connector to board.

Dawn Tyson

Don’t have the pink line, my problem is my S7 randomly shuts down. During a game, phone call or just when ever shuts down or reboots randomly. Tried to get help with it and it locked up and lost half my data.


Had same problem. Screen was replaced under warranty by my mobile operator Telenor Bulgaria. Repair took about a week.

Sam Rojas

Lmao who cares most of you are complaining and in 2 months you’ll have the new s8 so why bother looking for free shit from Samsung knowing their not going to do anything about it many issues like this are basically from over use of the device their are far worse issues with their phones then a pink line that probably isn’t as big of an issue than everyone is making it out to be


You don’t know a single thing.
Define “overuse”.
Being covered by warranty means you have just used your device less than a year.
Go buy a new phone with this kind of issue and tell us it’s not a serious issue.

Even a smallest scratch on the metal body or screen that thas no effect on operation is already an issue, how much more when you got lines on your display.

Never speak of anything if you never actually experienced them.

What would you do if S8 appeared to have the same screen problem?
Still not an issue for you?

Rob proffitt

my wife had hers for 3 months when this happened to hers and it was not overuse, or abuse. and I don’t care if it is 3 yrs old, paid $700+for it it should last more than a few months to a year, and I when I get a new phone I continue using all my old phones for various projects, they are tiny computers with cameras mics and multiple transmitters, they have millions of uses for an inventive person. I still have an HTC incredible (first model) using as a security camera.


I had this issue with my S7edge. I took it into T-Mobile and replaced it. The refurbished one hasn’t had this issue. If you press hard on the second S in Samsung, it goes away. Makes me think it’s a screen seperation issue.


I’m wondering if this has something to do with users entering developing options at some point? Because it will show those lines when switched to certain options in there

Abraham Sacdalan

Ive started my own thread on SAMSUNG.COM and have hundreds of posts from other S7 EDGE USERS since last summer when I started to get this vertical pink line. Im scared to take my phone in as ever single user had been charged off. Please HELP US SOLVE THIS PROBLEM! IT’S BEEN AN ONGOING PROBLEM FOR HUNDREDS MAYBE THOUSANDS OF S7 EDGE USERS


Happened to me once. Out of the blue, it just appeared. Took it to atandt and they replaced it. New device has been flawless.

Dominic Maye

I received no issues on my S7 edge yet. Its amazing to see so many complaints. The S7 this the S7 that…. it seems so hard to believe.

Betty Peters

Has anyone had a problem after the latest update nougat 7.0. I found that it wiped my micro ad card clean and now the phone will not recognize it, I have tried another micro sd card and it didn’t recognize it.


I read somewhere, and tested it’s true, that pressing on the ‘G’ letter of ‘SAMSUNG’ has the effect of removing temporarily that annoying pink vertical line, though it reappears soon or later.
I sent my device to Samsung for repair under warranty, and I’ve been notified a refurbished unit is coming to my retailer.
I’d prefer my own device to be repaired, or a really new device to replace the one of mine, but it seems only Samsung decides on the matter…


refurbished is pretty much new, and doesn’t mean it’s ever been used just used as parts or what ever


I had the same problem twice on my S7 edge and both the times Samsung Service changed my screen under warranty. Scared to death that it’ll happen again and I’ll be out of warranty period.

Paul Cotton

What about the s7 edge screen being the oat prone to scratches? I have had a lot of phones and always went naked. Not one single one has ever had a scratch. The s7e scratches from just being in my pocket from lint. I currently have 3 phones in rotation in the same pocket and not one of them has a single scratch

Paul Cotton

My s7 edge at Tmobile had the same line out of the box when I got it. Glad they wanted to turn it on so they could go get another one in the back. I’m done with Samsung phones. Always too many problems. Software and hardware.


I had the fucking same problem and samsung wouldnt reapir under warranty as it is an international model.Luckily, an authorized samsung retailer/repairer called Topp Solutions repaired for free.Awesome!


I had same problem, yesterday phone was returned from waranty with new screen and battery