You can now pre-order the Sprint variant of the Galaxy J3 Emerge

Albeit a little later than expected, the Sprint variant of the Galaxy J3 Emerge is now available to pre-order from Samsung’s online store for $234.99. The same model, however, is listed on the carrier’s portal for $168, and customers have the option to split the cost between 24 months. Unfortunately, neither the manufacturer or operator specified a release date for the device, but independent retailer Best Buy has revealed that it’s also accepting reservations and expects to receive stock on Monday, January 23.

As you’re probably aware, the Galaxy J3 Emerge will also make its way to Boost and Virgin Mobile later this year. While both carriers are still yet to announce their pricing for the handset, it’s likely that they’ll stick to the same figure as Sprint as there’s no difference in hardware specifications between the variants that all three operators are set to receive. That said, it remains a mystery why Samsung has added $66.99 to the price tag of the unit listed on its online store.


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Sprint tech here, we’ve been selling these in store for about a month now…SPHJ327SLV – $168. So i’m not sure what this article is referring to.