Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigation finds culprit, full report coming January 23

Samsung has conducted a detailed investigation to ascertain the culprit behind the Galaxy Note 7 fires. The company said earlier this month that it’s going to make the full report public very soon. Reuters reports, citing a person familiar with the matter, that Samsung’s investigation has concluded that the battery was the main cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires.

The source adds that Samsung has been able to replicate the fire during its investigation and that it has concluded that the battery is the culprit because the cause of the fires could not be explained by any flaws in hardware design or software. Samsung is due to make the full report public on January 23 just one day before it releases the detailed fourth quarter earnings results. The report also mentions that the head of Samsung’s mobile business Dong-jin Koh will announce the Q4 2016 results and will detail the measures Samsung has taken to prevent similar problems from occurring in future devices.

It’s also crucial for Samsung to close this chapter once and for all before it starts off with a clean slate for the Galaxy S8. It would surely be hoping that none of the bad press associated with the Galaxy Note 7 tries to steal the Galaxy S8’s thunder.

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