Samsung confirms the arrival of Bixby and Samsung Pay Mini

Samsung has prematurely confirmed on its website that it plans to not only launch a standalone online payment platform — dubbed Samsung Pay Mini — but will also be providing its long-rumored digital assistant Bixby with the facility process payments as part of the next Samsung Pay Beta build.

We’ve known that the firm has been working on a stripped down version of Samsung Pay that can only be used to make online payments on websites for a while now, but Bixby’s integration is fresh news. It’s unclear how exactly it’ll work, but we’re hoping you’ll be able to say something along the lines of, “Bixby, send $30 to Carlos.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when the latest beta version of Samsung Pay will be released, but speculation suggests that it’ll arrive alongside the Galaxy S8, so that users can take advantage of the Bixby functionality, though what with all the controversy surrounding the handset’s release date, there’s no telling how soon that’ll be.


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5 months 16 days ago

@Sammobile the latest Samsung Pay APK you guys have available is the Korean version not the US version, when will this be fixed?

5 months 16 days ago

i dont even live in UK but i do support your guys for complaining about Samsung pay is just getting more and more delayed every time.

Samsung should really take responsibility for this now and launch it as fast the can. because UK have waited way to much

5 months 16 days ago

Yawn – Samsung we have been waiting for over a year for Samsung Pay, in the UK all the banks now offer this option and won’t support Samsung Pay – so way too little too late, when you were first ???

5 months 16 days ago

Worst part is they aren’t even sorry for lying to us, contacted the CEO and his representative was just saying they’ve had set backs and will get it to us at “some point” in 2017. That is not acceptable especially for people like us who bought their Galaxy ‘SX’ on the premise that we’d be getting Samsung Pay soon. So, I assume then that they’ll accept me strolling into a Samsung store and taking an S8 with the promise that I’ll pay at SOME POINT in 2019, and honestly they didn’t object to that when I said it to them! lol

5 months 16 days ago

That’s why I bought an S6 edge. Also the reason I sold it last year. Very disappointing from Samsung.

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