Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge user manuals revised with Android Nougat changes

Samsung has confirmed that the Nougat beta program for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge is at an end, and the company has said that it will do its best to release the final update by the end of January. Samsung isn’t promising anything, but it certainly seems confident of meeting the provided time frame, as revised user manuals based on Android 7.0 are now available online for both devices.

The revised Galaxy S7 edge manual is available in English, Dutch, and German, while the S7 manual seems to have been updated only in English for the time being. The manual gives us a good look at the new user interface that will grace the two devices with the Nougat update, and our What’s New With Nougat series is what you should be reading to see the major changes that it brings to the S7 and S7 edge.




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4 months 26 days ago

Even Gear 360 updates support N os. 7.1.1 is imminent.

4 months 26 days ago

Because samsung is the only one who makes differences in interface and more things. So it takes time.

4 months 27 days ago

hi . am sorry for this quastion……”note 5″
whats diffrent between this roms: n920cxxs and n920cxxu?? whats means U and S . and what is best??? intresting: Both are installed and no problem. pls help pls…..
tanks so much

4 months 26 days ago

pls answer

4 months 27 days ago


4 months 28 days ago

Lets hope it doesn’t take them another 6 months to bring it to the s6 series or this will be my last samsung phone

4 months 27 days ago

Boo hoo!