What’s New With Nougat Part 15: Device Maintenance gets its own Edge panel

We’ve been putting the Nougat beta Samsung has released for the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge through its paces to find out all of the improvements that the company has made to the software. Samsung released the fourth Nougat beta a couple of days back and we’ve now come across the fact that Device Maintenance gets its own Edge panel in Nougat.

The Device Maintenance Edge panel provides a quick snapshot of the handset’s performance. It assigns an overall rating and displays relevant information such as the remaining battery, free storage, free memory, the current Performance mode, and more. A simple tap on the Fix NOW button enables users to further tweak the performance of their handset.

If you’re curious to find out more about all that’s included in the beta, don’t forget to check out our What’s New With Nougat series. Samsung hasn’t confirmed as yet when it’s going to release Nougat to the public but it did confirm recently that the public roll out will start with Android 7.1.1.


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5 months 3 days ago

Hope that samsung make adoptable storage that can install games and apps to sd card

5 months 4 days ago

why are they taking so long for the official update ahh Samsung

4 months 28 days ago

don’t be ridiculous.

Samsung release multiple devices across different price ranges and markets. Not everyone can afford the flagship devices.

5 months 4 days ago

What the great new OS? How Battery Consumtion?

5 months 4 days ago

Hey, I have a question… I haven’t seen this anywhere. I remember the “security” app in the device maintenance from my Note 7… is this a full antivirus program?

5 months 2 days ago

Quite the contrary,it is Cheetah Mobile’s crapware/spyware.
Your best bet is to buy the app “Package Disabler Pro” (or similar,there’s others that do the same) from the Google Play Store & disable the device maintenance .apk.

Any Android released in the last 3-4 years doesn’t need cleaners/RAM optimization/etc…… this “Device Maintenance” is nothing more than Cheetah Mobile’s “Clean Master” malware/spyware in sheeps clothing.

5 months 20 hours ago

Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master is ITSELF available in the Play Store (I have it on both my tablet and my GNex – and that is how I got it). Also, that same argument USED to apply to Windows; however, it hasn’t since NT (and never applied to 9x), it’s like saying that Android (or Windows) doesn’t fragment. Please – ALL filesystems fragment – that is, in fact, true on ANY device (let alone a filesystem on a device) that sees a lot of additions and removals. The only way that a filesystem doesn’t fragment is if the device sees NO additions or subtractions – and that is less true of Android devices than it is of Windows devices. (In fact, Windows moved from strictly manual defragmentation (Disk Defragmenter – which was standard with 9x and NT-based Windows up to 7) to Disk Optimizer (multipass manual or schedulable defragmentation with 8 and later). Where did YOU get Clean Master? (And you CAN always opt-out of the request (not requirement) that you send info back to Cheetah Mobile – I did.)

5 months 19 hours ago

I wouldn’t install CM’s crapware if you paid me,it’s pre-installed & rebadged as Device Maintenance.
Use a decent file browser or Package Disabler Pro & you’ll see for yourself.
As for the rest of your response,IDK who/what you’re speaking of,it has no bearing on anything here.
CM comes pre-installed on all Samsung Devices as of March of 2015 & for the life of me,IDK why you would choose to install it yourself,as CM’s inventory of apps/etc.. is nothing short of crapware/spyware.
But,it’s your phone,knock yourself out……………………….

5 months 20 hours ago

I can assure you that in no way would I put Cheetah Mobile’s s***ware on any phone I purchase.
The crapware comes pre-ionstalled,under the guise of Device Maintenance.
Use a good file browser,or,an app similar to Package Disabler Pro,to take a look for yourself.
In case you missed it,back in March of 2015,Samsung & Cheetah Mobile formed an evil alliance of sorts to have the s***ware pre-installed on all Samsung devices:


If you feel compelled to use the spyware/malware that is Clean Master,by all means,keep on using it.

As for the rest of your response,IDK WTH you’re trying to imply,but,any Android device will run just fine w/o Cheetah Mobile’s s***ware installed,or,in Samsung’s case,pre-installed & disabled.Quite the contrary,it’ll run much better with it disabled.

5 months 4 days ago

This is a pretty nifty and important feature for the edge… Priming up for the edge only S8s

Ishan Rishminda
5 months 4 days ago

This is a Good One

5 months 5 days ago

Would have been Great if carriers and Samsung would have gotten it out for us as Christmas gift. With AT&T it maybe summer before we see it as Slow as they are.

5 months 5 days ago

What´s the name of the theme you use on the s7 in the screenshots?
Happy Christmas days :)

5 months 3 days ago

The theme I used is called Desert…

Jon C
5 months 5 days ago

Would be nice if Samsung would use the edge as some sort of lit notification if the LED is covered – for example in a s-view case or the device is face down. I know there’s apps available to do this but I’ve tried a few and they’re either ad-filled or lacking in features.