Facebook Messenger will soon be launched for the LTE variant of the Samsung Gear S3

The app catalog for Samsung’s smartwatches has been rising slowly and steadily. Twitter and Uber apps were available since the release of the Gear S2 last year, and Spotify’s smartwatch app was launched alongside the Gear S3. Now, the company might be planning to release the Facebook Messenger app for the Gear S3. This might be a result of Samsung’s close partnership with Facebook.

We’ve spotted an image which claims that the Facebook Messenger app will soon be launched for the LTE variant of the Gear S3. The app will reportedly be launched first in Malaysia, but there’s no information if or when it would be launched in other markets. Apparently, the app will allow users to instantly reach their Facebook friends for free. It could mean that carriers won’t charge for the data consumed by Gear S3 LTE owners while they use the Facebook Messenger app.

Samsung and Facebook-owned Oculus have been working together for the past couple of years to bring virtual reality to the masses using the mobile VR headset Gear VR.

Samsung Gear S3 LTE Facebook Messenger


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So far I haven’t been able to find any info about the S3 LTE at all – and I really search regularly. No price, no release date, not even a statement in which countries it will be available. Who cares about an app for it as long as the device itself doesn’t make an appearance?




The pre-order for the S3 has gone live in Canada. I almost put down my money on the classic one, but seeing the price just makes to think twice. Maybe I should wait a little until the price drops a little (boxing day is closing in, too!), or maybe, I should wait and make sure that the battery won’t explode on my wrist..