Samsung to work with Mobile TeleSystems to develop 5G technologies

Samsung wants to bring 5G networks to consumers by the year 2020 and to be the global top-three player in 5G networks. To that end, the South Korean electronics giant has been working with various cellular operators around the world including SKT, KDDI, and T-Mobile to explore, develop, and test 5G networks. Now, Samsung and Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) have joined hands to explore and advance next-generation telecommunication technologies.

Samsung and MTS have signed an MoU to jointly explore and improve 5G networks including Carrier Aggregation, Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), LTE Broadcast (eMBMS), and Multi-path TCP (MPTCP) technologies. Thanks to Samsung’s experience in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), MTS will also collaborate with the South Korean electronics giant to test NB-IoT and LTE-Machine technologies. As a part of this newly signed MoU, these companies will conduct multiple tests on these technologies to improve the speed of data communication.

MTS is Russia’s leading cellular operator, and it has been working with Samsung since 2013 to establish LTE networks in cities across the North-West Federal District of Russia, including St. Petersburg and the Leningrad regions. These companies will continue their long-term relationship with a view of commercialising 5G networks within the next few years.


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