Samsung will collaborate with KDDI on next-gen 5G technologies

Samsung today announced that it has signed a MoU or Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese telecommunications giant KDDI to collaborate on the development of next-generation 5G technologies. Samsung has worked with KDDI in the past to bring advanced network technologies like CDMA and LTE to the Japanese market, both companies have been working together for more than ten years and this latest MoU further deepens that relationship.

Both companies will leverage their expertise in mobile network to increase speed of 5G development, their collaboration is going to focus on research and validation of technologies that are instrumental in charting the future of 5G. Samsung is leading the way for standardization of 5G, just a couple of months back the company proposed a vision of 5G mobile communication systems to the 3GPP RAN 5G Workshop, 3GPP is private organization which decides technical standards and is made up of major mobile companies and equipment firms from across the globe. Earlier this year Samsung also signed a similar MoU with LG U+ for joint development of 5G technology.



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