Samsung warns of ‘limited’ stock as Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders go live in Europe

Samsung isn’t repeating the mistake it made with the Galaxy Note 5 and is launching the Galaxy Note 7 in Europe, but you might find it a bit hard to place your order. Samsung is facing demand-supply issues which have forced the company to cap pre-order stock. This means that a limited number of units will be available for pre-order customers across Europe. Samsung has placed this cap to ensure that it has enough units on hand to fill store shelves when the Galaxy Note 7 gets its retail release across the continent.

We’ve already reported that the Galaxy Note 7 release has been pushed back in a handful of markets in Europe as Samsung is having to manage supply after increased demand for its new flagship phablet. The company is basically saying that countless people want to buy its new handset but it simply can’t make enough in time to satisfy the demand. Samsung has provided no timeline but it may take a few weeks or even months before the demand-supply gap can be bridged. Those who are unable to place a pre-order might want to try their luck at a retail store on September 2nd when the Galaxy Note 7 is released in Europe.

Conor Pierce, Samsung’s vice president of IT and mobile for UK and Ireland, said: “Market reaction, combined with extremely positive feedback from our carrier and retail partners, indicates that the Note 7 will exceed our original sales forecasts for the region by some distance. As such, the number of preorder units will be limited due to the unprecedented demand.” It’s immediately evident that customers are out in big numbers to purchase the new flagship. Here’s an example of just one major market in Europe: The Galaxy Note 7 in Blue Coral and Black Onyx is currently listed as out of stock on Samsung’s UK website but it may still be available from third-party retailers in the country.

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Pre-ordered mine will be shipped until 09.02. Black Onyx can’t wait a long waited upgrade to Note series.