Samsung faces criticism for pre-installing government app on the Galaxy Note 7 in Korea

Customers in South Korea might be pre-ordering the Galaxy Note 7 in great numbers but many have expressed their displeasure at Samsung pre-installing a government app on the handset. Some customers and the country’s main opposition party claim that the sole purpose of this application called Government 3.0 is to spread the government’s propaganda.

Government 3.0 is included in the list of pre-installed applications for the Galaxy Note 7 in Korea. When a new SIM is activated in the handset it’s in the batch of apps that users have to download on the phone. This is the first time that an app from the Korean government is included in this list. The government says that its app only takes up 1.2MB of space and will help users access services like issuance of public documents and online tax services. Civic group Green Consumer Network is not convinced, though, it says that the “government is arm-twisting consumers by forcing them to use an unwanted service.”Samsung does point out that customers who don’t want to use the app can ignore it to delete after it has been installed.


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