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    Samsung Display reportedly stops producing transparent OLEDs


    Last updated: July 27th, 2016 at 07:22 UTC+02:00

    Samsung unveiled the industry's first transparent OLED display last year, it was a proof of concept from Samsung which demonstrated how these advanced commercial OLED displays could be used in retail environments. It initially said that the transparent OLEDs will start shipping in Q2 and earlier this year the company announced that its first customer for this product was a hair salon in Seoul. Samsung has said that it would ship the 55-inch transparent OLED displays to other customers in Q3 2016 but now a new report suggests that Samsung may have stopped producing its transparent OLEDs.

    The report claims that Samsung has decided not to continue with production of transparent OLED displays because there's just isn't enough demand to justify the investment. Samsung hasn't officially confirmed this yet but it's not that hard to understand why the company might not want to continue making a product that it can't manufacture at an attractive price due to high production costs and low yields.

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