Samsung’s NAND flash memory sales hit an all-time high this year

A new report by market research firm IHS reveals that Samsung saw its NAND flash memory sales hit an all-time high during the January-March period in 2016. It brought in $2.62 billion in revenue in the first quarter which is a 3.1 percent increase from the fourth quarter last year. That brings up the company’s market share in the global NAND flash memory arena to 42.6 percent while Toshiba, the second largest NAND flash manufacturer in the world, stands at 28 percent.

Samsung has been a dominant force in the NAND flash memory market since 2002 and it was the first company to mass produce 3D NAND flash memory in 2013. It’s NAND flash memory products are preferred by its clients but that doesn’t mean its rivals aren’t trying to catch up. Intel, Micron and IBM are working on advanced memory chips that are faster than NAND while Western Digital and Toshiba will join forces to create new manufacturing facilities for 3D NAND chips.

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