Samsung to compete with Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft with acquisition of cloud services firm Joyent

Samsung has announced that it will acquire a US-based cloud provider Joyent, which will allow the company to have its own cloud platform to support its smartphones, IoT products, and other software services. Joyent will remain as a standalone company after the acquisition.

The South Korean technology giant had been dependent on other cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services, but this acquisition will make Samsung self-reliant in that regard. Moreover, Joyent could reach out to more clients using Samsung’s global network.

Samsung evaluated a wide range of potential companies in the public and private cloud infrastructure space with a focus on leading-edge scalable technology and talent. In Joyent, we saw an experienced management team with deep domain expertise and a robust cloud technology validated by some of the largest Fortune 500 customers,” said Injong Rhee, CTO of Samsung’s mobile business, in a statement regarding the acquisition.

Samsung has been attempting to create its own cloud platform for years in collaboration with Samsung SDS, its IT services arm, but failed. Joyent’s solutions such as container-native infrastructure, object storage, server-less computing, and Node.js will allow Samsung to scale its own cloud infrastructure.

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IMO I think this is a good business decision. It’s probably a lot cheaper to buy the company than to build the cloud infrastructure internally. The company also has plenty of talents that Samsung seems to lack.