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    Samsung will showcase its IOFIT smart athletic shoe at MWC next week


    Last updated: February 15th, 2016 at 19:21 UTC+01:00

    Samsung announced earlier today that its extensively-rumored smart athletic shoe, IOFIT, will be striking a pose at the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Berlin next week. The sneaker utilizes an array of different pressure sensors that measure your posture, balance, and weight distribution while engaging in physical activity. The data is then processed in real-time to provide you with information on your performance to help you improve.

    The IOFIT is marketed heavily at those who do competitive weightlifting and cardio-based activities, owing to the companion application’s ‘coaching’ mode, which enables you to receive feedback on individual exercises as you do them. While doing squats, for example, you’ll have the resources to view a live graph displaying your weight distribution so that you can ensure you’re putting an equal amount of pressure on each foot as you shorten and extend your legs.

    Check it out in action below:

    Samsung hasn’t given any details on pricing or availability for the shoe as of yet. However, it looks like the firm isn’t entirely set on its current design as it has reportedly been reaching out to many leading sneaker manufacturers in the hope of setting up a partnership.


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