New 8-inch tablet from Samsung passes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi certification

Recently, a new and unannounced 8-inch tablet from Samsung – SM-T375S and SM-T375L – have passed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications. From the first looks they appear to be variants of an entry-level tablet with an import price declaration of INR 6,792, which is the equivalent to $103, but if course that’s unlikely to be the final price.

The mysterious tablet got its Bluetooth certification on the 24th of December and its Wi-Fi certification on the 16th. Having received this certification, the 8-inch tablet is bound to pass through a few more steps before being made official by the company. Samsung has been making big steps (pun intended) in the tablet industry with the massive 18.4-inch Galaxy View and we’re curious what this tablet is bound to offer.





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