ITC rules that Samsung didn’t break any of Nvidia’s patents

Samsung achieved another victory in the court last Friday as the US International Trade Commission ruled that the tech company didn’t infringe any of Nvidia’s graphics patents. The investigation started a year ago when Nvidia claimed that Samsung and Qualcomm infringed upon its GPU-related patents, and had they won, they would have the power to cease US sales of various Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4.

This probably isn’t the end for Nvidia’s lawsuit, but these sort of processes last for a long time and they don’t usually cause any significant blow in a company’s profits. However, the ITC has the power to ban the sale of certain devices, and that could potentially harm a company like Samsung.

This isn’t the only lawsuit that Samsung has going on. It’s also involved in another patent war with Apple, and the last time we heard the two companies agreed on a court-supervised meditation which is going to take a while to process. Battles like these are slowly starting to become the norm as many companies have a bone to pick with each other.

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As Qualcomm was a USA company and so is moto this will had done big time damage to USA companies, so this was never going to happen in this case