Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartphones soon to receive Line and WeChat

Samsung’s Tizen OS is a fledgling mobile operating system, and the key to any OS’s survival in the mobile space is “apps, apps, apps,” as the app-hungry among us continue to drill. Samsung has heard this message, and the company intends to make Tizen as formidable an OS as Android and iOS.

To this end, the Korean manufacturer is partnering with free voice, video chat, and messaging company Line and Tencent to bring Line Messenger and Tencent’s messaging app WeChat to Tizen for Z1 and Z3 customers. Of course, Tizen-powered devices after the Z3 will also see these apps as part of the Tizen app selection, speeding up and encouraging the adoption of Samsung’s homegrown OS.

Tizen customers have been clamoring for these apps for some time now, and it seems as though Samsung, Line, and Tencent are listening to customers. Sometimes, all it takes is for a few well-known companies to partner with another company to make things happen. Thanks to Line and Tencent, Tizen is on its way to fulfilling Samsung’s claim that Tizen is “the OS of everything.”


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