Themes Thursday: Three dozen themes made their way into Samsung’s Theme Store today

Themes Thursday is back! Samsung has released no less than 36 themes in the theme store today, and some of them are quite good. All these themes should be compatible with recently released high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 edge, the Galaxy S6 edge+, and the Galaxy Note 5. However, a lot of themes must have been released for the Galaxy A8, the Galaxy J5, and the Galaxy J7 as well.

Here are some new themes that we liked from this week’s release. There are a bunch of themes such as Absolute Minimal, Rotox, and Material Flat Light that follow Material Design guidelines, while a couple of them such as Black Sky and Carbon Fibre would please the ones who like dark or black themes. Sooty brings bright colors to your Samsung smartphone, while Emerald theme has a background that is similar to the wallpapers that came with the Galaxy S5.

Out of all the themes that were released today, nine are paid (including Absolute Minimal), while others are free. How many themes were released in your region? We hope that Samsung has released something for everyone, so let us know the themes that you liked this week.

Absolute Minimal [Paid]
Samsung Theme Store - Absolute Minimal

Black Sky
Samsung Theme Store - Black Sky

Carbon Fibre
Samsung Theme Store - Carbon Fibre

Samsung Theme Store - Emerald

Material Flat Light
Samsung Theme Store - Material Flat Light

Samsung Theme Store - Rotox

Samsung Theme Store - Sooty

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