Whatever you do just don’t insert the Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen backwards


Last updated: August 25th, 2015 at 07:27 UTC+02:00

The Galaxy Note 5 is a beautiful handset crafted from metal and finished off with curved glass back, the handset looks very nice and for the first time comes with a patented push-to-eject mechanism for retrieving the S Pen from the device. Users will certainly take advantage of the S Pen and the various features that it offers however due to a possible design flaw with this device it would be best to avoid inserting the S Pen backwards into the device, doing so could break the pen detection feature of the Galaxy Note 5.

With previous generations the worst that could happen was the S Pen getting stuck and requiring quite a bit of force to be yanked free, on the Galaxy Note 5 there appears to be almost no resistance even if the S Pen is being inserted the wrong way. Once it’s far enough in the wrong direction it will eventually get stuck and yanking it free will most likely break the feature which basically detects whether the stylus is attached or detached from the device. The folks who conducted this test report that pen detection is now completely broken on their unit, they just might be on to something here, the scribe has reached out to Samsung for a comment but is yet to hear back. In the meantime people who own the Galaxy Note 5 should take extra care when inserting the S Pen back into the device, it can be very easy to slide it in the wrong way if you’re distracted and not really paying attention to that mundane task.


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