Samsung & MIT working on batteries with indefinite life spans

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Samsung Group, declared on Wednesday that they recently discovered a way of creating batteries with an indefinite lifetime. The process is based on replacing the existing liquid substance with a solid material instead. The liquid-state-electrolyte battery currently degrades after a number of charges but this new technological breakthrough could allow for hundreds of thousands of charge-discharge cycles, but there’s more to it than that.

According to MIT, this new battery is a lot more resistant to temperature and external factors and there’s no danger of it catching on fire because there’s effectively nothing in there to burn. It’s a safe and cost-efficient new technology which could be a game changer, at least according to MIT, and Samsung has shown some great interest in this department as of late.



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The battery would still need to be charged and discharged. The article is talking about lifetime of the battery. Still, a revolutionary thing it would be.


I read stuff about batteries from time to time and yet again nobody really implements these things in real life. Hopefully one day it will come true in our everyday gadgets and phones.


that would be a revolutionary thing