Lithium battery capacity can almost be doubled with Samsung’s new technology

Samsung has announced that it has developed a technology which will enable it to effectively double the capacity of lithium batteries, it involves the development of a silicon cathode material for the purpose of coating high crystal graphene on a silicon surface which is said to double the energy density when compared to current lithium batteries. Samsung has been working hard to improve its battery technologies which will not only aid its consumer electronics business but also give it a concrete footing in the burgeoning electric car market.

The United States more or less leads the development of high capacity battery materials where silicon is actively under study as a means of increasing capacity by more than 10 times instead of the graphite used currently as cathode material. There’s a problem with that though, the battery life is always prone to shortening after repeated discharging and charging. Samsung Electronics has been able to develop a very durable high density cathode material by coating graphene on surface of the silicon to create a protective layer of sorts around it, allowing for capacity to be doubled without shortening battery life. It’s expected that the company will have this technology ready for commercialization within a couple of years.

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