More than a million Samsung Z1 units sold in six months, gold version incoming

Samsung’s one and only Tizen smartphone seems to be doing better than anyone had hoped. Samsung managed to sell more than 100,000 units of the Z1 in India in under two months, and the Z1 became the number one smartphone in Bangladesh very recently. A low price tag and the allure of Samsung’s brand value have helped the Z1 find a lot of consumers in these price-sensitive emerging markets, and according to the Korean manufacturer, it has now managed to sell a million units in less than six months of launch.

That’s an impressive feat anyway you look at it, especially when you consider the fact that the Z1 runs a new mobile operating system (though Samsung doesn’t exactly reveal that in advertising.) To celebrate the high sales figure, Samsung will be launching a gold color variant of the Z1 in the near future, and in addition to sporting a more dazzling paint job, the gold variant will also come with a couple of new games and messaging apps (an official Facebook Messenger client, maybe?) out of the box.

Samsung also confirmed that newer models are coming to market in the next couple of months, and it’s possible we will see a glimpse of the Z1’s successor at the upcoming Tizen developer conference in India. As we noted in our review, the Z1 isn’t exactly an impressive low-end handset, and we can only hope the next Tizen phone ups the ante in terms of both hardware and software.

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