Samsung patents all new dual-OS notebook with a phablet dock

The United States Patent & Trademark Office has published a Samsung patent application for a next-generation dual-OS notebook that has a phablet dock. It’s an interesting invention by the company, one that could improve its chances in competing with the likes of Apple in enterprise. Theoretically the dual-OS notebook with phablet dock will allow a phablet like the Galaxy Note to be docked inside the notebook, the Galaxy Note which will normally run on Android will then be able to run with a desktop operating system like Windows 10 when it’s docked inside the notebook. Samsung mentions in the patent that other operating systems could also be applied, this means that the company will consider bringing Tizen into the mix as well.

Apple has made significant gains in enterprise with its winning iPhone and iPad combination, this could be the first major effort on Samsung’s part to present enterprise customers with another solution in the shape of a hybrid device. The solution will also enable the notebook to access the internet without Wi-Fi and it will even be able to charge the phablet while it remains docked. Samsung filed for this patent back in Q3 2014 and with patents it can never be said for sure if the company will bring the invention to market, so keep your fingers crossed if you might be interested in something like this.


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