Samsung Z1 receives OTA Tizen update

Samsung’s Z1 has had a warm reception in India, with the device selling over 100,000 copies as of a few weeks ago. The device has budget-friendly specs for just $92USD, a price that seems to be the sweet spot for consumers. What makes the Z1 special, apart from its price, is that it runs Samsung’s own operating system (Tizen) rather than Android. Samsung is currently working to allow the sideloading of Android apps onto Tizen OS, however, as a way to make its software palatable to Android consumers.

Now, to show the company’s continued commitment to the Z1 smartphone, Samsung has released another over-the-air (OTA) update for the Z1. The update, with build number Z130HDDU0BOC7, brings Tizen to with an upgrade size of 26.9MB. As can be seen from the update size, we’re not looking at a large addition to Tizen, so a number of bug fixes constitute the small update. One noteworthy addition, apart from stability improvements and bug fixes to the Tizen update, however, is the ability to download Asphalt 8 game updates – something that was only possible over Wi-Fi at one point in time.

Z1 users, have you noticed any differences with functionality since the update? If so, feel free to write in and let us know.

Tizen 2.3 Z1 software update



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