Office 365 will be bundled with Knox

Samsung and Microsoft have worked through their troubles and now appear to be in what might turn out to be a very fruitful relationship. As part of a recent deal between the two companies several Microsoft apps now come pre-installed on the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge. It doesn’t stop here. The man behind Samsung Knox, Dr Injong Rhee, has said that Office 265 will come bundled with the Knox secure Workspace for the enterprise. Rhee revealed this during a talk at Samsung’s Enterprise Mobility Showcase in Barcelona where the Mobile World Congress 2015 is now wrapping up.

In simple words Knox is a secure container built inside Samsung’s Android devices that provides secure solutions. Enterprises can then issue one single device to employees and allow them to manage personal and work data on it. Rhee has said that Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote and Office 365 will all come bundled with Knox Workspace. So when enterprise users download the Knox Workspace all of these productivity focused applications will come pre-loaded from the get go.



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You might want to correct the typo, it’s Office 365, NOT Office 265.

“The man behind Samsung Knox, Dr Injong Rhee, has said that Office 265 will come . . .”

Otherwise, hey free stuff is a good thing except for the free bloatware we get on our phones.


Sorry for me, with knox tripped on my device.. won’t be able to use any apps/features concerning knox.


Yes, at least i have a reason to enjoy Knox and use OneNote on Note 4