Samsung expands Smart Home platform, lets you control your home through S Voice

After announcing their own home automation platform; Smart Home during CES 2014, Samsung became a member of Threada consortium of companies aimed at creating standards for home automation and IoT (Internet of Things) in July. Last month, Samsung snapped up home automation firm SmartThings for $200 million. These were big enough hints to understand that Samsung is banking its hopes on home automation for its growth revival. Last week, Samsung had announced that they will discuss their plans about home automation during IFA 2014.

Today, Samsung has announced an expansion to Smart Home with an ability to work with third-party devices such as digital door locks and IP cameras. Details are still hazy about the brands which will be using this home automation platform but we might get a clear idea about that when Samsung releases an SDK later this year during Samsung Developer Conference.

Samsung explained about some futuristic scenarios and how these services could be used such as receiving a live video feed of a person who is at your door. Using Smart Home along with compatible home appliances, users will be able to activate their vacuum cleaner, turn on their lights using S voice on Gear smartwatch even when they are at a workplace. Smart Home also utilises a person’s geolocation to do things like setting the temperature on your air conditioner when they are close to their home. The service can also display the expected electricity bill by keeping a check on energy consumption.

During WWDC 2014, Apple announced HomeKit, their own home automation platform which will be released with iOS 8.


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