Samsung leads European UHD TV market in second quarter

The Ultra High Definition or UHD TV market is slowly taking off even though UHD TVs are relatively expensive at this point in time. It may take a while before these TVs become as popular as LED 1080p units but already a number of manufacturers are trying to establish their lead. now accounts for 62.9 percent of the entire European UHD TV market as of 2Q 2014, a 7.8 percent bump from the previous quarter.

GfK, a market research firm, reports that Samsung’s share in the UHD TV market of major countries like UK, France and Germany is over 50 percent. This reveals that overall Samsung’s influence is growing in this particular market and now the company looks to bank on this to move more UHD products in Europe.

According to Samsung it now plans to introduce a variety of UHD TVs at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany to cater to increasing demand in the European market. IFA 2014 takes place in the first week of September.


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