Samsung teams up with Insight to provide Smart TV owners with more UHD content

Samsung has teamed up with Insight TV to provide TV Plus viewers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK with up to 500 hours’ worth of Insight’s original UHD content, featuring entertainment and lifestyle programming, from early 2018.

This news comes less than 24-hours after Insight announced that its catalogue of content, which includes shows such as Access all Areas, King of the Hammers, Masters of Dirt, Thru and MTB Heroes, will soon be available on Amazon Channels.

TV Plus is Samsung’s on-demand streaming platform

Launched back in Europe back in August, TV Plus is an on-demand platform Samsung developed to provide owners of its Smart TVs in the aforementioned regions with a selection of UHD content to view whenever they please.

“Our goal at Samsung is to create innovative and valuable technology that makes our consumers’ lives easier and more enjoyable when it comes to watching their favorite content,” said Heeman Lee, VP of Visual Display at Samsung.

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Yeah, but it is actually for a very limited amount of customers. I bought a 2016 UHD HDR Samsung TV and was looking forward to having more UHD content. I don’t qualify apparently. Nor does my TV qualify for the HDR Software boost that was supposed to change HDR TVs from HDR 10 to 100+ to support better HDR. Kinda disappointed knowing all this stuff is happening but not coming to my TV. The TV is great! but really feel like I have missed out.