Samsung (finally) launches its first Tizen phone: the Samsung Z

Well, it looks like Samsung finally managed to do what it has been trying to do for a painfully long time — the Korean manufacturer has made its first Tizen-powered phone official. Called the Samsung Z, the phone features a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display of 1280×720 resolution and is powered a quad-core 2.3GHz processor (most like a Snapdragon 800), and runs on version 2.2.1 of Tizen. The Z comes with a new look that should come as a breath of fresh air for those who have gotten bored of Samsung’s design language on Android devices (let’s face it, who hasn’t?), though the overall design seems to be along the same lines as the company’s previous efforts.

The Samsung Z also sports a fingerprint and heart rate sensor and comes with features such as Download Booster and Ultra Power Saving Mode, things that debuted on the Galaxy S5. The hardware specs include 2GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera with the usual camera modes that we’ve seen on Samsung’s Android phones (and a 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera), 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot, connectivity features including LTE-A, NFC and an IR sensor, and a 2,600 mAh battery. It’s basically a mix of the previous three Galaxy S flagships, and for a first device with a new OS, doesn’t really have anything impressive or different to offer.


As for Tizen itself, Samsung is touting fast, optimal performance with “improved memory management”, a quality web browsing experience, a “distinctive home and application layout,” and the ability to customize how the interface looks using built-in themes. Just how good an experience Tizen offers in real-world usage remains to be seen, though we’re hoping it’s not as resource-heavy or bloated as the software on Samsung’s Android phones,

Like the hardware on the Samsung Z, Tizen doesn’t really seem to bring anything new to the table, but that isn’t exactly surprising considering Samsung would want its consumers to have a similar experience no matter which OS they choose (though the lack of the Galaxy branding might mean consumers won’t be that attracted to Tizen at the moment.) Even the overall look and feel of the software remains similar, which would certainly help in keeping the learning curve for users to a minimum.

The Z will launch in Russia in Q3 and expand to other markets later on, and will also be showcased at Samsung’s Tizen developer conference on June 3rd. However, as Samsung has said in the past, don’t expect to see any Tizen phone in the US and some European markets, as the Korean manufacturer doesn’t believe such markets are ready for a new OS yet. Pricing details weren’t announced, but we’re guessing it will be similarly priced to Samsung’s Android flagships.

So, who’s looking forward to buying the Samsung Z?






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2 years 8 months ago

Sou só eu ou esse aparelho lembra o LG Optimus L7?

3 years 23 days ago

I won’t buy it. I have bought many useful apps on Google Play Store. I won’t buy them again.

3 years 23 days ago

Good on ya SAMSUNG!! ‘Touchwiz’ should run a lot faster on ‘TIZEN’ than on the bloated-Android OS.

Thumbs up on the rounded-dock icons at the botton, unlike on the Galaxy S5 (I blame Google for not letting Samsung use it on the main dock).

Would like to see ‘TIZEN’ OS smartphones popular within a couple of years. :)

3 years 23 days ago

Oh by the way, Samsung can now update the OS in any-time.

3 years 15 days ago

I think that’s to be understood, when they’ve got their own OS now. It will be using Google Services though and Google Now is replacing S Voice as well as Play Store replacing Samsung Hub. The biggest changes are in the Tizen Open Source licensing being more permissive than just tied to the GPL archaic old locked down tight licensing in Android!

Tizen is using GPLv2, LGPL, Apache License, BSD, Flora License now. Only the kernel is GPLv2 licensed and Samsung is now one of the largest contributors to Linux kernel. The Flora License is a new uniquely written license just for Tizen. The most important aspect of what Flora (an in between proprietary and Open Source license) is Tizen’s Task Manager. This is where Tizen gets it’s biggest speed bump. It’s a fully system wide superior pervasive multitasking system, and is meant to take over the entire enterprise sector with better security.

Apps are always running physically sandboxed away from the OS now with Knox and Safe. That’s how you install a truly secure Unix OS. It’s installed on separate physical partitions on the memory drive! …’s what makes Google Chrome so secure. Secure Encrypted Partitions present smaller multiple targets for Hackers in a multilayered Security System, where if you get past one layer, you’ll always have another to get through!

3 years 23 days ago

It’s nice, I guess. I mean, they DO want to have their own OS and Ecosystem. As long as they continue to make Galaxy smartphones running Android, I am okay with them making other options available (as long as Galaxy remains the flagship line with top of the line specs :D).

3 years 23 days ago

Nice Phone :)

3 years 23 days ago

Bye google.

3 years 23 days ago

Well looks a lot like the LG phones boot it looks ok

Abu Ayman
3 years 23 days ago

The design is very close to LG L9.

3 years 19 days ago

It’s a whole lot closer to a Sanyo phone than an L9, but larger. Front is typical Samsung. There is no mistaking the Home Button. Even the button layout is closer. Stitched Leather? Come on everyone knows that as practically owned by Samsung’s Infinity Brand PC polycarbonate design. Why change to metal, when you own the leading Plastics companies in Samsung Cheil Industries? Especially when it’s now being fully accepted by Luxury Class Automotive Industries as cutting edge lightweight and more durable than any metal on their cars.

Samsung introduced their Eco Friendly eMX Electric Concept Car now 5yrs ago, to demonstrate just how beautiful and practical plastics can be. They also showed that they have the best Battery Technology too. BMW, Audi, Peugeot, Tesla are only a few of the auto makers using Cheil Plastics and Tesla is now using their batteries. Bugatti Veyron is sporting an Infino Brand PC (polycarbonate) Removal Roof. That isn’t exactly cheap either! Metal is out…. Plastics will be IN…. like Flynn in the Future!

3 years 23 days ago

Unless we be in Russia we won’t be able to buy one anyway unless imported in

3 years 23 days ago

Why will anybody want to buy a Tizen Phone????? The buyer would be TOTALLY dependent on Samsung. And as we have seen that is not good. Look at the S3. They cancelled the 4.4 update. Samsung gave a lame excuse. They have several lower spec phones with 4.4.

If you buy a Tizen phone, Google won´t be there to look after you. I am done with Samsung. Moving to a differente phone maker….and keeping Google Android !!!!

3 years 19 days ago

Because it will be the fastest growing OS in the near future. It’s not that Samsung wants to cut the chains to Google, because Play Store Hub is replacing Samsung Hub and Google Now Personal Voice Assistant is replacing S Voice. What it does do is give Samsung greater FREEDOM from being tied down to the tightly controlled GPL license in Android!

Tizen has been crafted to avoid the GPL’s locked down control with much more permissive licensing. Much more like Apple! lol…. with BSD and even a newly crafted Permissive License specifically written just for Tizen!

Tizen you really need to understand, has been specifically written for the future of HTML 5 Cloud Based Computing. Where App and OS variants can be streamed directly to the Metal (processor SOC) across nearly all platforms (including Apple’s) using Ocaml (better than Swift… lol..) in new Unikernel Mirage OS App Appliance Modules. Tizen is way better at running HTML 5 than any OS/Browser out today. Because HTML5 is the Super Highway the OS runs on!!! :DDD

…..with Samsung, Google, Amazon, Apache, Oracle, Intel, AMD, Imagination, etc already onboard the Xen Mirage HTML5 Streaming Freight Train? Apple App Store will be taking a huge dive in sales with Cloud App Sales served right in user’s own HTML 5 Based Browsers! Mirage OS won’t be a Mirage anymore! hahaha….

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