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Samsung announced yesterday that the Copper Gold color variant of the Galaxy S5 would be launching on all major carriers in the US by the end of this month. Today, evleaks has published an image of the Verizon Galaxy S5 in gold, giving us an early peek at what the handset will look like when it makes its way to North America’s largest carrier. As expected, Verizon has replaced the Samsung logo on the back with its own to remind you of who you’re paying your monthly bills – the gold version of the Galaxy S5 wasn’t exactly the nicest looking of the bunch, and Verizon’s logo only seems to ruin things.

There’s also a Galaxy S5 logo on the bottom, which also seems unnecessary and just a move to differentiate the phone from the standard variant. Thankfully, the front side seems to have remained unchanged, which means you won’t be having any nightmares like the ones people had when Verizon put its logo on the home button on devices like the Galaxy Note II. The gold Galaxy S5 will be available on Verizon and other carriers on May 30th, and while pricing hasn’t been announced, expect it to cost the same as the blue, white, and black models.



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3 years 8 months ago

Something seems different about the camera in the back? Front seems some what different too?