Verizon Galaxy S5 owners facing camera issues, no fix available

Well, looks like a disabled PayPal fingerprint authentication system is the least of the woes being faced by owners of the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S5. Verizon customers of Samsung’s latest and greatest are reporting that after a few days of working properly, the camera fails to start with a “Warning: Camera Failed” message. Unfortunately, a reboot does not help in this case – in fact, nothing helps, as even a factory reset fails to correct the issue, leaving replacements as the only option for affected consumers.

The issue is likely at the hardware level, and while many have taken to the XDA community to voice their concern, there doesn’t seem to be any official word on a fix at the moment. That should change in the next few days as the issue escalates, but in the meantime, don’t shy away from asking for a replacement from Verizon or the retailer you bought your Galaxy S5 from.

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sorry for the typo above, its i have as opposed to won


I won a phone repairing shop and based on my experience 90% of camera failed issued in any variant are down to the actual camera being faulty. Its a hardware issue as opposed to software thats why factory reset and all is not helping


So, there are some defective models of the GS5, in the US,huh? Hope the international GS5 users models aren’t plagued with this camera fail error.