Samsung and Apple took 87% of smartphone market profits in last six years

It’s no secret that Samsung and its arch-rival Apple enjoy the lion’s share of profits generated by the smartphone industry, with the two companies having accounted for more than 109 percent of profit as a result of other companies bleeding cash in the third quarter last year. According to a new report, Samsung and Apple’s dominance over the market’s profit has been ongoing for quite a long time now – both companies apparently took hold of 87.9 percent of the profits generated in the smartphone industry for the past six years. The phone industry generated a total of $215 billion in those six years, and roughly $189 billion went to Samsung and Apple.

As expected, Apple did make more money than Samsung, taking $132.87 billion from the total profit while Samsung earned $56.11 billion, but it’s a very sad indication of how all but the two most popular handset makers have failed to earn any substantial profits. With the launch of the Galaxy S5 (and Apple’s new iPhone(s) later this year), the lead in profits enjoyed by the two giants will likely continue to increase, though hopefully that won’t make Samsung become too high-headed and, in turn, affect their future products.

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