Galaxy S5 might be categorised as “medical equipment” in South Korea

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One of the more intriguing features on the Galaxy S5 is the built-in heart rate sensor. You can check your pulse by placing your finger on the sensor, which sits next to the LED flash at the back of the device. South Korea’s health agency seems quite taken with this new feature, and is said to be considering designating the Galaxy S5 as “medical equipment.” A ministry official from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety did clarify that Samsung would be allowed to launch the device on schedule regardless of the decision undertaken by the review board. “Even if it is designated as a medical device, the procedure for testing its safety and functions is not complicated.”

In addition to the heart rate monitor, the Galaxy S5 comes with a slew of new features that include a finger scanner, new camera sensor that can shoot 4K videos and enhanced battery saving techniques. The device is slated to launch globally on April 11 and will be available on all major carriers.


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3 years 10 months ago

my heart rate right now is 64 BPM as detected by my note 2.
there are many apps that will use the camera and flash to detect your heart rate very accurately.
I’ve been using this for many years now on many different phones…
I’m sure many people outside south Korea know this… 🙂