Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 to be powered by Tizen and not Android?

Now this is one rumor that should be taken with vast swathes of salt, but according to USA Today and “three sources,” the Galaxy Gear 2 will run on Tizen, not Android, as part of Samsung’s plans to “develop more of its own software and services.” Samsung will reportedly unveil the second-generation Gear alongside a new HTML5 version of Tizen at Mobile World Congress next week. Android is already dominant in the smartphone and tablet market, and according to the publication, the Korean giant doesn’t want to extend any help towards making Android a big thing in the wearables market.

However, that doesn’t exactly make sense, as when it comes to smartwatches, it’s more about what the device can do instead of what OS it is running, especially since companies will run a stripped down version of Android on their smartwatches. But using Tizen does offer an advantage, in that the Galaxy Gear 2 could run as a standalone device instead of being dependent on Samsung’s proprietary Android software (TouchWiz), which means it could be compatible with non-Samsung devices as well, something which a lot of people hoped had been the case with the first Galaxy Gear.

Samsung’s MWC event is set to be held on February 24th, so it’s not long before we discover just how much truth there is behind this rumor. According to The Verge, Samsung could introduce multiple Galaxy Gear models, so it’s possible the Tizen version of the watch could be a separate device that’s built for the Tizen phones the company is bound to launch sometime in the future.

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3 years 2 months ago

Straight scoop before every one goes all anal about this. The Galaxy S5 may be dual booting both Tizen and Android. Because…. now get this…. some things that Tizen just does better than Android, having to do with HTML5 Web interactivity. Both companies (not just Samsung or Google) are the two biggest contributors to the 64bit Linux kernel at the base of ARM’s Xen Hypervisor. Yeah…. Xen for full Type 1 Hardware Virtualization, ARM unveiled two years ago in A15 chips!

The new chip in Galaxy S5 has that Bare Metal Xen Hypervisor embedded in it. So both Android and Tizen will operate inside of totally sandboxed partitions away from the Linux based Xen Hypervisor embedded in the chip for untolled Security Benefits. AND…. remember what I just said above; “Both Google and Samsung are the biggest contributors to the 64bit Linux Kernel, now going into not just the Xen Hypervisor (along with ARM), but the both Android and Tizen”. Although we may not see 64bit version kernels this time, they’re prepared for it. But look at Apple and tell me how many native 64bit Apps they have? So tiny…. it’s ridiculous and you can’t count 32bit Apps only recompiled to run on Apple’s Hybrid 32bit/64bit OS. They are still running in 32bit mode!

Samsung has become one of the Top 10 contributors to Open Source (w/ Apple nowhere on that list) and most likely we are also about to see their F2FS Solid State Linux Specific File System under both Tizen and Android to top this all off! ….the benefits of Samsung contributing so much to the Open Source Community are just beginning to be REALIZED!

So Tizen being on both GS5 and new Gear will make for a far more integrated approach to wearable devices without being tied to Play Store, but yet finally bring HTML5 to the table in far better shape to compete against Apple. Google and Samsung are already partners and that won’t change anytime soon. You won’t see either Apple’s or Microsoft’s services competing with Google’s on any Samsung Tizen devices! …..after all Google Services are the real Meat and Bones of Android, customers all over the World really want anyway! ;-) ….and that means Google will continue to make as much percentage of money off Tizen users as they will Android. In all reality Google will be used on Tizen OS Open Source install as much as Android OS install.

The Future is OPEN and IBM, ARM, Samsung and Google are Leading the Way! :D

Paps Duke
3 years 2 months ago

This makes me think that the galaxy S V will run tizen os also…

3 years 2 months ago

Big mistake Samsung…

3 years 2 months ago

Samsung is a piece of ****. Galaxy Gear with such a huge price tag hasn’t seen any update for a long time. As it is a total flop, this money-eating freaks forgot about the customers who bought it and stopped the support for it. How in hell they still think we will buy this stupid watch again… I am planning to shift to LG or HTC or Sony or even APPLE… Goodbye Sammy…

3 years 2 months ago

Isn’t this the same problem they faced with Gear 1? Linked it to a phone only a niche crowd would pick up!!! and now if this report if accurate, they are going to link it to another phone that only a niche crowd will pick up most likely for testing purposes. I expect tizen to be a bug ridden mess. Regardless, if Samsung does start given Tizen preference over Android, I am jumping ship to another android company.