Another possible Galaxy S5 variant, SM-G900H, certified in Indonesia

Well, it looks like Samsung is going to be taking its model number scheming to the next level with the launch of the Galaxy S5. We’ve already seen three possible Galaxy S5 variants, the SM-G900A (likely the AT&T variant), SM-G900F, and SM-G900S, and now a fourth one has shown up in Indonesia as the SM-G900H, having been recently certified by one of the country’s telecommunications authorities. If we were to guess, it looks like Samsung might be giving region-specific model numbers to its next flagship, though there’s no telling how they’re deciding which letter to use for which region if that is the case.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to unveiled at a London event in mid-March, followed by a launch in April, though it’s likely we will find answers to the mysteries surrounding the company’s fifth-generation Galaxy S in the days leading up to the official announcement.


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This is a shame bought 500 euros samsung s5 SM-G900H no lollipop still samsung s4 has Lollipop shame