Samsung apologizes to Chinese consumers, offers free Galaxy S3 and Note II repairs

Samsung has issued an apology to its consumers in China, after China’s state broadcaster blasted the company in a half-an-hour program for issues with the Galaxy S3 and Note II, namely the issue which caused devices to stop working due to the use of defective NAND chips (the infamous Superbrick).

In a statement issued on its Chinese website, Samsung says “We welcome the scrutiny by the media. As a result of management problems, we have brought inconveniences to consumers, and we offer our sincere apologies.” As recompense, Samsung will be repairing defective Galaxy S3 and Note IIs free of charge even if their warranty has expired, and will be giving a free replacement if the device cannot function properly even after being sent for repair twice.

Here’s hoping someone starts blasting them for their recent wrongdoings, like the region lock on the Galaxy Note 3.

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3 years 6 months ago


Paps Duke
3 years 6 months ago

ok i see all those “petitions” and those complain on fans sites doesn’t help,popular media is where i’am going to work now so when i complain about older devices not getting update i’am sure to see a reply and a definate ‘roll-out ‘.

3 years 6 months ago

Samsung, oh samsung … rarely do u see any company shoot itself in not only the foot but arms and head as well.

3 years 6 months ago

You are totaly right!! No more samsung for me. I have got the SGS4 and i belive it will be my last Samsung phone. Now when Mirrorcast and Chrome cast is becomming standard there is no reason to purchase Samsung products, and get a lot of problems with all kind of bootloader locks and sim locks. These dayes there are other options. I will make sure that all the people i have told to get Galaxy phones, to get something else next time. Samsung i realy hope you will get declining sales from now on. And i realy think that will be the case. I have had Note1 and Note2 and now i9505(sgs4)but after this Knox Bootloader i am finished with Samsung

3 years 6 months ago

LOL , see that now its happening , my choice with my family and friends to give Note3 a skip is a Right one.
A greedy company try to see profit with us in all way.
Sub standard QC , not offering new firmware when phone still able to run new firmware, region lock your Mobile SIM choosing to inconvenience YOU who have used your hard earned money to buy all such limitation, Wake up Sammy fanboys , I was once an ignorance followers of Sammy too.
Any brand who imposing their WAY with your money is not worth supporting.

3 years 6 months ago

Not to mention offering 16GB version of Note3/S4 in the high demand market when 32GB is the standard in its some country.
Oh, let’s not forget the ID chip Samsung is rumored to implement in its accessories.