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Samsung to introduce extended warranty for devices via ‘Protection Plus’ plan?

One of the nicer features Apple provides to its consumers is an extended warranty plan, which people can buy to extend the period over which Apple will offer warranty services on a particular device. Now, it seems Samsung might be looking to do something similar with its “Samsung Protection Plus” plan – registered at the USPTO, the plan will offer “extended warranties on consumer electronic products and consumer appliances.”

The wording suggests that the extended warranty will be available on almost everything Samsung makes, but we’re naturally interested only in the “consumer electronic products” part, though it remains to be seen what all the extended warranty will cover. The service will most likely be a premium service that comes with a price, but it’s a price we’d be willing to pay if it means we can get our damaged devices repaired for free after the initial one year of warranty period (two years in European countries, according to law).


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